Cogito Ergo Sum

The real problem of climate crisis

We are running out of time Stop Internet Stop using Pcs and Laptops Stop Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Cogito Ergo Sum

There is no planet B we are running out of time

We run out of time do a calculation 1 Belgium pc user 8h/day emit 175 kg of CO2/year what about

all Belgium pc users, EU, Uk, USA, Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea, Australia all the World and the

problem is more worser with blockchain & cryptocurrencies please visit and do the calculation

We are running out of time we must stop massive use of Pcs and Laptops around the World and blockchain and cryptocurrency

it exceeds Aviation Émission please read

the article above dates since 2009 no blockchain nor cryptocurrencies at that time now we are 2022

We must stop Internet, use of pcs and laptops for a while till we adopt renewable clean energy for telecommunications. please read

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