A New Way To Learn Languages

A New Way To Learn Languages

A new way to learn languages author : Wadï Mami email :

Abstract :

I have a problem to learn chinese. I found it difficult but I asked myself : Chinese people find learning Arabic, English, French, Deutsch etc. difficult too. So I decided to find a solution for beginners to learn languages.

The new way

The new method is based on learning by Keyboard and text to Speech. The teacher shows a letter to his pupils and read it twice and then asks his students to find it on the keyboard and they should press the corrspondent key and hit the baffle. Then they compare the sound response of text to Speech with what the teacher taught them.

Step by Step, letter by letter and then small sentences the students will learn the basics of the languages essentially how to read. A course of spelling must be taken in parallel with what they read.

Conclusion The prototype is simple to understand, download it and hit index.html and just choose a language, hit the key, then the baffle and mimic what the app returns to you. You will learn the basis. But no grammar. Enjoy it.


Just try to find letters taught by the teacher or the school book on the keyboard and then listen to them by text to speech then the learner will learn letters then words then sentences just start by executing index.htm and try just guess how to try it is very easy to learn languages for kids young adults and elderly people.

Instead downloading it the prototype App You can try the protoype App at This Following link https://didipostman.github.io/

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